inversor studer 4000
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador
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XTM 4000VA/48v inversor / cargador

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Studer Xtender XTM 4000VA/48 Inverter/Charger 48V

the XTM offers unequalled flexibility compared to other products on the market.

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Xtender hybrid inverter and charger manufactured by Studer in Sion, Switzerland. Provides pure sire wave power and features ease of use and efficient energy management. Can be connected to external AC power source such as the public grid or diesel generator to reduce operational costs diesel, monthly electrical bill. Features smart-boost feature and can be coupled together in parallel up to 72kw connected to one power source. Single phase or three phase power capable by coupling up to 9 units in parallel Its fully programmable unit can be set to start diesel generator in specific timings. The unit can remember all events during instal and operation to help resolve any problems that might occur or for system optimization.

The transfer system is active when an AC power source (generatorpublic gridshore power…) is available at the AC input of the Xtender. The transition between inverter and transfer mode is achieved without any power cut and allows up to 50Aac of current to pass through to the loadsSimilarly, the transition between transfer and inverter mode is extremely fast (max 15ms), which makes the Xtender suitable for many UPS (uninterruptable power supplyapplications

The Smart-Boost function allows the Xtender to assist the AC source via the inverter functionThis way, the currents from both sources (AC-in and inverter) are combined to deliver the energy required by big loads if the loads are more than the AC source can supply

The injection function allows the Xtender to send energy to the gridThis function is especially useful in energy storage systems where either the excess energy is injected to the grid, or a specific current is injected at a specific time of the day.

The Xtender has two auxiliary contactsconfigured by default for the automatic start of a generator and the alarm function.

Type XTM 4000-48
Nominal battery voltage 48V
AC continuous power (25°) 3500VA
AC surge power (5 sec.) 10.5kVA
Efficiency max. 96%
Consumption stand-by / on 2.1 / 14W
Charging current (max. 265V AC) 0-50A
Input frequency 45-65Hz
Auxiliary relay 2 independent, potential-free changeover contacts
Remote control RCC-02/03
Protection class IP23
Dimensions (lxwxh) in mm 466 x322 x133
Weight 22.9kg
Special features extension of inverter power and 3-phase operation by coupling several Xtender


  • Single-Phase and 3-phase capability by coupling Xtender
  • high and steady efficiency even with small loads connected
  • outstanding overload capabilities thanks to the high-quality toroidal transformer
  • Pure sine wave inverter with very high overload capability 
  • SmartBoost helps external ac power source 
  • Smart energy management 
  • digital regulation and control by microprocessor (DSP)
  • ultra-fast transfer relay (USV)
  • 10 year warranty


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